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Prospective journal articles

Please follow the “Submissions” information and guidelines given on the home page of the International Press journal to which you intend to submit an article. You should submit your article as instructed therein. Please do not submit your article to a general International Press e-mail address.

For further information about journal article submission and acceptance, please see the specific instructions given in the “Submissions” section of each journal’s home page.

For journal authors: Color printing policy

International Press journals are printed in black and shades of gray, not in color. The only exception is ICCM Notices, which is printed entirely in color. For all other journals, pages of an article may be printed in color only by advance arrangement, as follows:

When you submit the final version of the article for publication—or as soon as possible thereafter—you must inform the editor that the article has color which you would like printed in color. Then later on, shortly before the issue in which the article is to appear goes into print production, you will contacted by International Press. You must promptly reply to confirm that the color printing is desired, indicate precisely which pages, and agree to pay the required fees. You will then be billed for the fees, which are: $250 for one color page, and $100 for each additional color page.

(Note that this policy applies only to printing. Online journal articles are always in color.)

Journal article DOIs

An International Press DOI having our publisher prefix of 10.4310 is assigned to each new journal article when the article is published online on

The purpose of an International Press DOI is, specifically, to identify an article published online by International Press. It does not identify the article generically, nor does it identify any other online publication of the article. Rather, it identifies our publication of the article: by the journal issue in which it appears, by it page numbers, by its sequence within the issue, and by its online URL. The DOI itself is named using the journal issue number and the article’s sequence within the issue. Please note that, at the time of acceptance for publication, none of that information is firmly established.

Book proposals

International Press publishes works on advanced mathematics (graduate level or higher) submitted by editors/authors with appropriate credentials. We will consider suitable proposals. A proposal taken into consideration is reviewed by one or more qualified specialists as needed, before a publication decision is made.

Please send your proposal, with your curriculum vitae, by e-mail to .

Book proposal acceptance, publication contract

Upon acceptance of a proposed book for publication, a publication contract is typically made between International Press and the book’s author or authors, or in the case of a proceedings or other collection, the volume’s editor or editors.

For book authors/contributors: How to prepare your final text for submission

In general, we ask that you submit your final, for-publication text electronically, in the form of LaTeX or AMS TeX, and that it conform to certain other very basic standards, so as to facilitate its preparation for publication.

Please click here to download and read the documentation (2 pages, PDF file).

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