Events & conferences

September 2014

Sep. 8 to Sep. 12

Universität Hamburg, Germany

Sep. 13 to Sep. 14

Science Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sep. 18 to Sep. 21

University of Bacău, Romania

Sep. 22 to Sep. 28

Rodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

ICNAAM 2014 includes a mini-symposium held (Sept. 25–26) on highly nonlinear optical Schrödinger equations (beyond the optical cubic-quintic Schrödinger equation), whose solutions are temporal solitary waves. This mini-symposium, No. 86, will be delivered as a virtual event so that participants will be able to attend it from their desktops. An interactive session is planned, where participants will have the opportunity to deliver comments and discussions on the work presented, as well as to discuss the state-of-the-art needs and trends.

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