Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Newest issue

Volume 18 (2014)

Number 2


Multiple M5-branes, String 2-connections, and 7d nonabelian Chern-Simons theory

Domenico Fiorenza, Hisham Sati, and Urs Schreiber

pp. 229-321

Properties of $c_2$ invariants of Feynman graphs

Francis Brown, Oliver Schnetz, and Karen Yeats

pp. 323-362

Intersection spaces, perverse sheaves and type IIB string theory

Markus Banagl, Nero Budur, and Laurentiu Maxim

pp. 363-399

Special polynomial rings, quasi modular forms and duality of topological strings

Murad Alim, Emanuel Scheidegger, Shing-Tung Yau, and Jie Zhou

pp. 401-467

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