Communications in Analysis and Geometry

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Kefeng Liu (University of California at Los Angeles)

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General Information

Please submit your paper to:  Kefeng Liu, Editor-in-Chief,

or to any member of the editorial board.

Please send inquiries to: any member of the editorial board.

MSC Codes. Your submission should include relevant Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) codes.

Authoring Template/Instructions: Click here to download.

Consent-to-Publish: Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author(s) must sign and submit a consent-to-publish agreement.

Copyright: Author has the option to retain copyright of his or her paper.

Paper format(s) of initial submission. Preferred: TeX (any variant thereof). Acceptable: Adobe PDF, hard copy (i.e., on paper).

Paper format(s) upon acceptance. Required: the specified authoring template (LaTeX 2e).

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