Journal of Combinatorics

Newest issue

Volume 6 (2015)

Number 4


Properties of stochastic Kronecker graphs

Mihyun Kang, Michał Karoński, Christoph Koch, and Tamás Makai

pp. 395-432

The effect of vertex or edge deletion on the metric dimension of graphs

Linda Eroh, Paul Feit, Cong X. Kang, and Eunjeong Yi

pp. 433-444

Ordered Ramsey theory and track representations of graphs

Kevin G. Milans, Derrick Stolee, and Douglas B. West

pp. 445-456

Connectivity and giant component of stochastic Kronecker graphs

Mary Radcliffe and Stephen J. Young

pp. 457-482

Involutions and their progenies

Tewodros Amdeberhan and Victor Moll

pp. 483-508

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