Journal of Combinatorics

Newest issue

Volume 8 (2017)

Number 2


Partial duality and closed 2-cell embeddings

M. N. Ellingham and Xiaoya Zha

pp. 227-254

A note on the circuit double cover of infinite graphs

Behrooz Bagheri Gh. and Geňa Hahn

pp. 289-304

The index problem of group connectivity

Miaomiao Han, Hong-Jian Lai, and Yehong Shao

pp. 305-321

On the geodetic rank of a graph

Mamadou Moustapha Kanté, Rudini M. Sampaio, Vinícius F. dos Santos, and Jayme L. Szwarcfiter

pp. 323-340

Cycle double covers and long circuits of graphs

Xiaofeng Wang, Rui Xu, and Dong Ye

pp. 341-347

Sum-free graphs

S. C. Locke

pp. 349-370

Enumeration of constrained subtrees of trees

Hua Wang and Shuai Yuan

pp. 371-387

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