Mathematical Research Letters

Newest issue

Volume 23 (2016)

Number 1


On the modularity of reducible mod $l$ Galois representations

Nicolas Billerey and Ricardo Menares

pp. 15-41

Extension of automorphisms of rational smooth affine curves

Jérémy Blanc, Jean-Philippe Furter, and Pierre-Marie Poloni

pp. 43-66

A partition identity and the universal mock theta function $g_2$

Kathrin Bringmann, Jeremy Lovejoy, and Karl Mahlburg

pp. 67-80

Three-point Lie algebras and Grothendieck’s dessins d’enfants

V. Chernousov, P. Gille, and A. Pianzola

pp. 81-104

Counting rational points on smooth cubic surfaces

Christopher Frei and Efthymios Sofos

pp. 127-143

Higher Koecher’s principle

Kai-Wen Lan

pp. 163-199

An extension of the pair-correlation conjecture and applications

Alessandro Languasco, Alberto Perelli, and Alessandro Zaccagnini

pp. 201-220

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