Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Newest issue

Volume 11 (2015)

Number 2


Realizing enveloping algebras via moduli stacks

Liqian Bai and Fan Xu

pp. 175-220

$K$-theoretic and categorical properties of toric Deligne–Mumford stacks

Tom Coates, Hiroshi Iritani, Yunfeng Jiang, and Ed Segal

pp. 239-266

Bounding Betti numbers of monomial ideals in the exterior algebra

Marilena Crupi and Carmela Ferrò

pp. 267-281

Loss of derivatives in the infinite type

Tran Vu Khanh, Stefano Pinton, and Giuseppe Zampieri

pp. 315-327

Contracting pinched hypersurfaces in spheres by their mean curvature

Yan Li, Hongwei Xu, and Entao Zhao

pp. 329-368

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