Statistics and Its Interface

Newest issue

Volume 10 (2017)

Number 3


LCN: a random graph mixture model for community detection in functional brain networks

Christopher Bryant, Hongtu Zhu, Mihye Ahn, and Joseph Ibrahim

pp. 369-378

A nonparametric approach for functional mapping of complex traits

Han Hao, Lidan Sun, Xuli Zhu, and Rongling Wu

pp. 387-397

Adaptive model-free sure independence screening

Canhong Wen, Shan Zhu, Xin Chen, and Xueqin Wang

pp. 399-406

Efficient feature screening for ultrahigh-dimensional varying coefficient models

Xin Chen, Xuejun Ma, Xueqin Wang, and Jingxiao Zhang

pp. 407-412

Semiparametric hierarchical model with heteroscedasticity

Chuoxin Ma, Maozai Tian, and Jianxin Pan

pp. 413-424

Bayesian analysis of censored linear regression models with scale mixtures of skew-normal distributions

Monique B. Massuia, Aldo M. Garay, Celso R. B. Cabral, and V. H. Lachos

pp. 425-439

Bayesian forecasting of Value-at-Risk based on variant smooth transition heteroskedastic models

Cathy W. S. Chen, Monica M. C. Weng, and Toshiaki Watanabe

pp. 451-470

Quantile regression in linear mixed models: a stochastic approximation EM approach

Christian E. Galarza, Victor H. Lachos, and Dipankar Bandyopadhyay

pp. 471-482

A quantile parametric mixed regression model for bounded response variables

Cristian L. Bayes, Jorge L. Bazán, and Mário de Castro

pp. 483-493

Varying-coefficient single-index model for longitudinal data

Hongmei Lin, Riquan Zhang, Jianhong Shi, and Yuedong Wang

pp. 495-504

The beta transmuted-H family for lifetime data

Ahmed Afify, Haitham Yousof, and Saralees Nadarajah

pp. 505-520


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