Surveys of Modern Mathematics

Series Editors

Jean-Pierre Demailly (Institut Fourier, Saint-Martin d’Hères, France)

Eduard J. N. Looijenga (Tsinghua University)

Yat Sun Poon (University of California at Riverside)

Neil Trundinger (Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University)

Jie Xiao (Tsinghua University)

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

Mathematics has developed to a very high level and continues to progress rapidly. An essential characteristic of modern study and research is a strong interaction between the various areas of mathematics—an interaction fruitful and beautiful in its results. It is crucial to educate new generations of mathematicians about important existing theory together with new developments in mathematics, and in the process to give students a basis for grasping this interconnectivity of mathematics.

The book series Surveys of Modern Mathematics (SMM) has been created especially to help provide such an education to students worldwide, in volumes that are both accessible and affordable. Volumes in the SMM series will consist of lecture notes selected from introductory courses, collections of important survey papers, and expository monographs on well-known or developing topics.

With joint publication by Higher Education Press of Beijing within China and by International Press of Boston in the West and elsewhere, the Surveys of Modern Mathematics book series extends a broad reach to students and general readers worldwide.

Volumes in the Series