Arkiv för Matematik

Newest issue

Volume 57 (2019)

Number 2


On Legendrian embeddings into open book decompositions

Selman Akbulut and Mehmet Firat Arikan

pp. 227-245

Pluripotential theory and convex bodies: large deviation principle

Turgay Bayraktar, Thomas Bloom, Norman Levenberg, and Chinh H. Lu

pp. 247-283

Improved fractional Poincaré type inequalities on John domains

María Eugenia Cejas, Irene Drelichman, and Javier C. Martínez-Perales

pp. 285-315

Weakly trapped submanifolds in standard static spacetimes

Allan Freitas, Henrique F. de Lima, Eraldo A. Lima, and Márcio S. Santos

pp. 317-332

A Cantor set whose polynomial hull contains no analytic discs

Alexander J. Izzo and Norman Levenberg

pp. 373-379

Weighted estimates for the Laplacian on the cubic lattice

Evgeny L. Korotyaev and Jacob Schach Møller

pp. 397-428