Arkiv för Matematik

Volume 60 (2022)

Number 2


On the double of the Jordan plane

Nicolás Andruskiewitsch, François Dumas, and Héctor Martín Peña Pollastri

pp. 213-229

Notes on $H^{\log}$: structural properties, dyadic variants, and bilinear $H^1$-$\operatorname{BMO}$ mappings

Odysseas Bakas, Sandra Pott, Salvador Rodríguez-López, and Alan Sola

pp. 231-275

Faces of polyhedra associated with relation modules

Germán Benitez and Luis Enrique Ramirez

pp. 277-296

On Hedenmalm–Shimorin type inequalities

Yong Han, Yanqi Qiu, and Zipeng Wang

pp. 351-364

On the existence of Auslander–Reiten $n$-exangles in $n$-exangulated categories

Jian He, Jiangsheng Hu, Dongdong Zhang, and Panyue Zhou

pp. 365-385

Beurling’s theorem on the Heisenberg group

Sundaram Thangavelu

pp. 417-442