Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 7 (2003)

Number 6

Large Volume Perspective on Branes at Singularities

Pages: 1117 – 1153



Martijn Wijnholt


In this paper we consider a somewhat unconventional approach for deriving worldvolume theories for D3 branes probing Calabi-Yau singularities. The strategy consists of extrapolating the calculation of F-terms to the large volume limit. This method circumvents the inherent limitations of more traditional approaches used for orbifold and toric singularities. We illustrate its usefulness by deriving quiver theories for D3 branes probing singularities where a Del Pezzo surface containing four, five or six exceptional curves collapses to zero size. In the latter two cases the superpotential depends explicitly on complex structure parameters. These are examples of probe theories for singularities which can currently not be computed by other means.

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