Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 12 (2008)

Number 6


Causal properties of AdS-isometry groups II: BTZ multi-black-holes

Thierry Barbot and Thierry Barbot

pp. 1209-1257

Topological membranes with 3-form $H$ flux on generalized geometries

Noriaki Ikeda and Tatsuya Tokunaga

pp. 1259-1281

Uniqueness of open/closed rational CFT with given algebra of open states

Jens Fjelstad, Jurgen Fuchs, Ingo Runkel, and Christoph Schweigert

pp. 1283-1375

Positive Lyapunov exponents and localization bounds for strongly mixing potentials

Christian Sadel and Hermann Schulz-Baldes

pp. 1377-1399

Instanton calculus and chiral one-point functions in supersymmetric gauge theories

Shigeyuki Fujii, Hiroaki Kanno, Sanefumi Moriyama, and Soichi Okada

pp. 1401-1428

Topological gauge theories on local spaces and black hole entropy countings

Giulio Bonelli and Alessandro Tanzini

pp. 1429-1446