Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 13 (2009)

Number 6


Efficient quantum processing of three-manifold topological invariants

S. Garnerone, A. Marzuoli, and M. Rasetti

pp. 1601-1652

An action principle for the masses of Dirac particles

Felix Finster and Stefan Hoch

pp. 1653-1711

A new formulation of general relativity

Joachim Schröter

pp. 1713-1770

Siegel modular forms and finite symplectic groups

Francesco Dalla Piazza and Bert van Geemen

pp. 1771-1814

New heterotic non-Kähler geometries

Melanie Becker, Li-Sheng Tseng, and Shing-Tung Yau

pp. 1815-1845

Quantum 't Hooft operators and $S$-duality in $N=4$ super Yang-Mills

Jaume Gomis, Takuya Okuda, and Diego Trancanelli

pp. 1941-1981