Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 14 (2010)

Number 2


$R$-matrices in Rime

Oleg Ogievetsky and Todor Popov

pp. 439-505

Link invariants, the chromatic polynomial and the Potts model

Paul Fendley and Vyacheslav Krushkal

pp. 507-540

Vector bundles on Sasakian manifolds

Indranil Biswas and Georg Schumacher

pp. 541-562

Gluing Stability Conditions

John Collins and Alexander Polishchuk

pp. 563-608

Instantons on the Taub-NUT Space

Sergey A. Cherkis

pp. 609-642

2D and 3D topological field theories for generalized complex geometry

Alberto S. Cattaneo, Jian Qiu, and Maxim Zabzine

pp. 695-725