Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 14 (2010)

Number 4


Orientifolds and D-branes in $N=2$ gauged linear sigma models

Ilka Brunner and Manfred Herbst

pp. 1001-1088

Local B-model and Mixed Hodge Structure

Yukiko Konishi and Satoshi Minabe

pp. 1089-1145

The Non-commutative Topological Vertex and Wall Crossing Phenomena

Kentaro Nagao and Masahito Yamazaki

pp. 1147-1181

Combinatorial Algebra for second-quantized Quantum Theory

Pawel Blasiak, Gerard H.E. Duchamp, Andrzej Horzela, Karol A. Penson, and Allan I. Solomon

pp. 1209-1243