Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 14 (2006)

Number 1

Stability conditions and the braid group

Pages: 135 – 161



R. P. Thomas


We find stability conditions [6,3] on some derived categories of differential graded modules over a graded algebra studied in [12,10]. This category arises in both derived Fukaya categories and derived categories of coherent sheaves. This gives the first examples of stability conditions on the A-model side of mirror symmetry, where the triangulated category is not naturally the derived category of an abelian category. The existence of stability conditions, however, gives many such abelian categories, as predicted by mirror symmetry.

In our examples in 2 dimensions, we completely describe a connected component of the space of stability conditions. It is the universal cover of the configuration space $C_{k+1}^0$ of $k+1$ points in $\C$ with centre of mass zero, with deck transformations the braid group action of [10, 15]. This gives a geometric origin for these braid group actions and their faithfulness, and axiomatises the proposal for stability of Lagrangians in [18] and the example proved by mean curvature flow in [9].

Published 1 January 2006