Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 19 (2011)

Number 5


Dirichlet eigenvalue sums on triangles are minimal for equilaterals

Andrzej Siudeja Bartłomiej and Richard Snyder Laugesen

pp. 855-885

On convergence of the Kähler–Ricci flow

Ovidiu Munteanu and Gábor Székelyhidi

pp. 887-903

On Type-I singularities in Ricci flow

Joerg Enders, Reto Müller, and Peter M. Topping

pp. 905-922

New invariants for complex manifolds and isolated singularities

Rong Du, Hing Sun Luk, and Stephen Yau

pp. 991-1021

Stability of hyperbolic space under Ricci flow

Oliver C. Schnürer, Felix Schulze, and Miles Simon

pp. 1023-1047