Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 21 (2013)

Number 3


Regularity of sets with constant horizontal normal in the Engel group

Costante Bellettini and Enrico Le Donne

pp. 469-507

An example of Crepant Resolution Conjecture in two steps

Renzo Cavalieri and Gueorgui Todorov

pp. 527-539

Polar orbitopes

Leonardo Biliotti, Alessandro Ghigi, and Peter Heinzner

pp. 579-606

Adiabatic limit and connections in Finsler geometry

Huitao Feng and Ming Li

pp. 607-624

Explicit Dehn filling and Heegaard splittings

David Futer and Jessica S. Purcell

pp. 625-650

Mean curvature flow of higher codimension in hyperbolic spaces

Kefeng Liu, Hongwei Xu, Fei Ye, and Entao Zhao

pp. 651-669

Volume preserving centro-affine normal flows

Mohammad N. Ivaki and Alina Stancu

pp. 671-685