Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 24 (2016)

Number 3


Some knots in $S^1 \times S^2$ with lens space surgeries

Kenneth L. Baker, Dorothy Buck, and Ana G. Lecuona

pp. 431-470

A note on center of mass

Pak-Yeung Chan and Luen-Fai Tam

pp. 471-486

Rank three geometry and positive curvature

Fuquan Fang, Karsten Grove, and Gudlaugur Thorbergsson

pp. 487-520

Ancient solutions of the mean curvature flow

Robert Haslhofer and Or Hershkovits

pp. 593-604

Second-order equations and local isometric immersions of pseudo-spherical surfaces

Nabil Kahouadji, Niky Kamran, and Keti Tenenblat

pp. 605-643