Communications in Analysis and Geometry

Volume 29 (2021)

Number 5


Standard planar double bubbles are dynamically stable under surface diffusion flow

Helmut Abels, Nasrin Arab, and Harald Garcke

pp. 1007-1060

Destabilising compact warped product Einstein manifolds

Wafaa Batat, Stuart Hall, and Thomas Murphy

pp. 1061-1094

Fundamental gap estimate for convex domains on sphere — the case $n=2$

Xianzhe Dai, Shoo Seto, and Guofang Wei

pp. 1095-1125

Ricci curvature and eigenvalue estimates for the magnetic Laplacian on manifolds

Michela Egidi, Shiping Liu, Florentin Münch, and Norbert Peyerimhoff

pp. 1127-1156

A $\operatorname{log}$-type non-local flow of convex curves

Laiyuan Gao, Shengliang Pan, and Ke Shi

pp. 1157-1182

Convergence of polarizations, toric degenerations, and Newton–Okounkov bodies

Mark Hamilton, Megumi Harada, and Kiumars Kaveh

pp. 1183-1231