Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 1 (2003)

Number 1

Modeling 2D and 3D Horizontal Wells Using CVFA

Pages: 30 – 43



Zhangxin Chen

Guanren Huan

Baoyan Li


In this paper we present an application of the recently developed control volume function approximation (CVFA) method to the modeling and simulation of 2D and 3D horizontal wells in petroleum reservoirs. The base grid for this method is based on a Voronoi grid. One of the features of the CVFA is that the flux at the interfaces of control volumes can be accurately computed via function approximations. Also, it reduces grid orientation effects and applies to any shape of elements. It is particularly suitable for hybrid grid reservoir simulations. Through extensive numerical experiments and comparisons with the finite difference method for benchmark flow problems, we show that this method can effciently and accurately handle complex horizontal wells in any direction.

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