Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 1 (2003)

Number 1


Vlasov-Fokker-Plank Models for Multilane Traffic Flow

Reinhard Illner, Axel Klar, and Thorsten Materne

pp. 1-12

Modeling 2D and 3D Horizontal Wells Using CVFA

Zhangxin Chen, Guanren Huan, and Baoyan Li

pp. 30-43

Wavpred: A Wavelet-Based Algorithm for the Prediction of Transmembrane Proteins

Guy Baudoux, Patrick Fischer, and Johan Wouters

pp. 44-56

On the Equation Satisfied by a Steady Prandtl-Munk Vortex Sheet

Milton C. Lopes Filho, Helena J. Nussenzeig Lopes, and Max O. Souza

pp. 68-73

Hydrodynamic Model for Charge Carriers

Isabelle Choquet, Pierre Degond, and Christian Schmeiser

pp. 74-86

The Heterognous Multiscale Methods

Weinan E and Bjorn Engquist

pp. 87-132

Adaptive Mesh Redistibution Method Based on Godunov's Scheme

Boris N. Azarenok, Sergey A. Ivanenko, and Tao Tang

pp. 152-179

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