Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 9 (2011)

Number 4

KPP reaction-diffusion systems with loss inside a cylinder: convergence toward the problem with robin boundary conditions

Pages: 1177 – 1201



Thomas Giletti (Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, Université Aix-Marseille III, Marseille, France)


We consider in this paper a reaction-diffusion system under a KPP hypothesis in a cylindrical domain in the presence of a shear flow. Such systems arise in predator-prey models as well as in combustion models with heat losses. Similarly to the single equation case, the existence of a minimal speed c* and of traveling front solutions for every speed c>c* has been shown both in the cases of heat losses distributed inside the domain or on the boundary. Here, we deal with the accordance between the two models by choosing heat losses inside the domain which tend to a Dirac mass located on the boundary. First, using the characterizations of the corresponding minimal speeds, we will see that they converge to the minimal speed of the limiting problem. Then, we will take interest in the convergence of the traveling front solutions of our reaction-diffusion systems. We will show the convergence under some assumptions on those solutions, which in particular can be satisfied in dimension 2.


reaction-diffusion systems, traveling waves, propagation phenomena

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification


Published 29 July 2011