Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 15 (2017)

Number 2


Numerical methods for multiscale inverse problems

Christina Frederick and Björn Engquist

pp. 305-328

Numerical analysis and simulation for a generalized planar Ginzburg–Landau equation in a circular geometry

Sean Colbert-Kelly, Geoffrey B. McFadden, Daniel Phillips, and Jie Shen

pp. 329-357

Analysis of a multi-population kinetic model for traffic flow

Gabriella Puppo, Matteo Semplice, Andrea Tosin, and Giuseppe Visconti

pp. 379-412

Derivation and analysis of simplified filters

Wonjung Lee and Andrew Stuart

pp. 413-450

Nonlinear Maxwell–Schrödinger system and quantum magneto-hydrodynamics in $\textsf{3-D}$

Paolo Antonelli, Michele d’Amico, and Pierangelo Marcati

pp. 451-479

Fast Communications

Generalized Shockley–Ramo theorem in electrolytes

Pei Liu, Chun Liu, and Zhenli Xu

pp. 555-564

Complete blow up for a parabolic system arising in a theory of thermal explosion in porous media

Peter V. Gordon, Thomas I. Hill, and Gregory I. Sivashinsky

pp. 565-576