Communications in Number Theory and Physics

Newest issue

Volume 13 (2019)

Number 2


Rationalizing roots: an algorithmic approach

Marco Besier, Duco van Straten, and Stefan Weinzierl

pp. 253-297

Specialization of cycles and the $K$-theory elevator

P. Luis del Ángel R, C. Doran, M. Kerr, J. Lewis, J. Iyer, S. Müller-Stach, and D. Patel

pp. 299-349

Asymptotics of the $D^8 \mathcal{R}^4$ genus-two string invariant

Eric D’Hoker, Michael B. Green, and Boris Pioline

pp. 351-462

Bhabha scattering and a special pencil of K3 surfaces

Dino Festi and Duco van Straten

pp. 463-485