Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 11 (2009)

Number 2


Algebraic $K$-theory and cubical descent

Pere Pascual and Llorenç Rubió Pons

pp. 5-25

Extensions of Weyl and Schur functors

Marcin Chałupnik

pp. 27-48

A simplicial $A_{\infty}$-operad acting on $R$-resolutions

Tilman Bauer and Assaf Libman

pp. 55-73

The hunting of the Hopf ring

Andrew Stacey and Sarah Whitehouse

pp. 75-132

On the embedding dimension of 2-torsion lens spaces

Jesús González, Peter Landweber, and Thomas Shimkus

pp. 133-160

Three-crossed modules

Z. Arvasi, T. S. Kuzpinari, and E. Ö. Uslu

pp. 161-187

On structure sets of manifold pairs

Matija Cencelj, Yuri V. Muranov, and Dušan Repovš

pp. 195-222

Remarks on finite subset spaces

Sadok Kallel and Denis Sjerve

pp. 229-250

The cohomology of motivic $A(2)$

Daniel C. Isaksen

pp. 251-274