Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 14 (2012)

Number 2


3 × 3 lemma for star-exact sequences

Marino Gran, Zurab Janelidze, and Diana Rodelo

pp. 1-22

Matrix factorizations over projective schemes

Jesse Burke and Mark E. Walker

pp. 37-61

Grid diagrams and shellability

Sucharit Sarkar

pp. 77-90

Automorphisms of Hurwitz series

William F. Keigher and Varadharaj R. Srinivasan

pp. 91-99

Homology decompositions and groups inducing fusion systems

Assaf Libman and Nora Seeliger

pp. 167-187

Every binary self-dual code arises from Hilbert symbols

Ted Chinburg and Ying Zhang

pp. 189-196

$K$-motives of algebraic varieties

Grigory Garkusha and Ivan Panin

pp. 211-264