Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 17 (2015)

Number 1


Scanning for oriented configuration spaces

Jeremy Miller and Martin Palmer

pp. 35-66

Coefficients for higher order Hochschild cohomology

Bruce R. Corrigan-Salter

pp. 111-120

Strictly commutative models for $E_\infty$ quasi-categories

Dimitar Kodjabachev and Steffen Sagave

pp. 121-128

Operations on the secondary Hochschild cohomology

Mihai D. Staic and Alin Stancu

pp. 129-146

Mackey functors and sharpness for fusion systems

Antonio Díaz and Sejong Park

pp. 147-164

Kirchhoff’s theorems in higher dimensions and Reidemeister torsion

Michael J. Catanzaro, Vladimir Y. Chernyak, and John R. Klein

pp. 165-189

Power maps on quasi-$p$-regular $SU(n)$

Andrew Russhard

pp. 235-254

Topology of the view complex

Dmitry N. Kozlov

pp. 307-319

From fractions to complete Segal spaces

Zhen Lin Low and Aaron Mazel-Gee

pp. 321-338