Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 19 (2017)

Number 1


Bikei homology

Sam Nelson and Jake Rosenfield

pp. 23-35

Remarks about $\Delta$-complexes and applications

Michael Pors, Soumen Sarkar, and Peter Zvengrowski

pp. 89-110

Homology of dendroidal sets

Matija Bašić and Thomas Nikolaus

pp. 111-134

Descent of algebraic cycles

Johannes Anschütz

pp. 135-154

Peiffer product and Peiffer commutator for internal pre-crossed modules

Alan S. Cigoli, Sandra Mantovani, and Giuseppe Metere

pp. 181-207

Rational $O(2)$-equivariant spectra

David Barnes

pp. 225-252

Relative Tate objects and boundary maps in the $K$-theory of coherent sheaves

Oliver Braunling, Michael Groechenig, and Jesse Wolfson

pp. 341-369

Bousfield localization of ghost maps

Mark Hovey and Keir Lockridge

pp. 371-389