Journal of Blockchain Research

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Hong Wan (North Carolina State University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
1.11Blockchain-enabled IoT platform for end-to-end supply chain risk management

Xie Wei

Keqi Wang

Wencen Wu

Jinxiang Pei

Qi Zhou

1.12Scalable and secure crowdsourcing atop blockchain via off-chain payment

Anxin Zhou

Cong Wang

Xiaohua Jia

1.13Decentralized finance, centralized ownership? An iterative mapping process to measure protocol token distribution

Matthias Nadler

Fabian Schär

1.14A new blockchain proposal supporting multi-stage proof-of-work

Palash Sarkar

1.15Distributed ecosystem for identity management

Rishabh Garg