Journal of Combinatorics

Volume 3 (2012)

Number 3


Rees products and lexicographic shellability

Svante Linusson, John Shareshian, and Michelle L. Wachs

pp. 243-276

Generalized Eulerian sums

Fan Chung and Ron Graham

pp. 299-316

Higher trivariate diagonal harmonics via generalized Tamari posets

François Bergeron and Louis-François Préville-Ratelle

pp. 317-341

Affine dual equivalence and $k$-Schur functions

Sami H. Assaf and Sara C. Billey

pp. 343-399

The combinatorics of the HMZ operators applied to Schur functions

Jeffrey B. Remmel and Meesue Yoo

pp. 401-450

Combinatorics of Tesler matrices in the theory of parking functions and diagonal harmonics

D. Armstrong, A. Garsia, J. Haglund, B. Rhoades, and B. Sagan

pp. 451-494

Macdonald polynomials in superspace as eigenfunctions of commuting operators

Olivier Blondeau-Fournier, Patrick Desrosiers, Luc Lapointe, and Pierre Mathieu

pp. 495-561

Expansion of $k$-Schur functions for maximal rectangles within the affine nilCoxeter algebra

Chris Berg, Nantel Bergeron, Hugh Thomas, and Mike Zabrocki

pp. 563-589