Methods and Applications of Analysis

Volume 21 (2014)

Number 1


Free-stream preserving finite difference schemes on curvilinear meshes

Yan Jiang, Chi-Wang Shu, and Mengping Zhang

pp. 1-30

Fast Huygens sweeping methods for Schrödinger equations in the semi-classical regime

Shingyu Leung, Jianliang Qian, and Susana Serna

pp. 31-66

Automatic correction of image intensity non-uniformity by the simplest total variation model

Ana Belén Petro, Catalina Sbert, and Jean-Michel Morel

pp. 91-104

Augmented-Lagrangian regularization of matrix-valued maps

Guy Rosman, Xue-Cheng Tai, Ron Kimmel, and Alfred M. Bruckstein

pp. 105-122

Simulation of high re boundary layer flows using vorticity confinement

Subhashini Chitta, John Steinhoff, and Yonghu Wenren

pp. 123-150

A vectorial total variation model for denoising high angular resolution diffusion images corrupted by Rician noise

M. Tong, Y. Kim, L. Zhan, G. Sapiro, C. Lenglet, B. A. Mueller, P. M. Thompson, and L. A. Vese

pp. 151-176