Mathematical Research Letters

Newest issue

Volume 27 (2020)

Number 5


On the four-vertex theorem for curves on locally convex surfacessurfaces

Shibing Chen, Xu-Jia Wang, and Bin Zhou

pp. 1261-1279

Springer correspondence, hyperelliptic curves, and cohomology of Fano varieties

Tsao-Hsien Chen, Kari Vilonen, and Ting Xue

pp. 1281-1323

Complex Finsler vector bundles with positive Kobayashi curvature

Huitao Feng, Kefeng Liu, and Xueyuan Wan

pp. 1325-1339

The Eisenbud–Green–Harris conjecture for defect two quadratic ideals

Sema Güntürkün and Melvin Hochster

pp. 1341-1365

Arithmetic surjectivity for zero-cycles

Damián Gvirtz

pp. 1367-1391

On weak Zariski decompositions and termination of flips

Christopher Hacon and Joaquín Moraga

pp. 1393-1421

Lagrangian antisurgery

Luis Haug

pp. 1423-1464

One-relator groups with torsion are coherent

Larsen Louder and Henry Wilton

pp. 1499-1511