Mathematical Research Letters

Newest issue

Volume 30 (2023)

Number 2


Affine symmetries in quantum cohomology: corrections and new results

Pierre-Emmanuel Chaput and Nicolas Perrin

pp. 341-374

Positive currents on non-kählerian surfaces

Ionuţ Chiose and Matei Toma

pp. 375-412

Local and global densities for Weierstrass models of elliptic curves

John E. Cremona and Mohammad Sadek

pp. 413-461

On the distribution of multiplicatively dependent vectors

Sergei V. Konyagin, Min Sha, Igor E. Shparlinski, and Cameron L. Stewart

pp. 509-540

Counting quintic fields with genus number one

Kevin J. McGown, Frank Thorne, and Amanda Tucker

pp. 577-588