Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 2 (1995)

Number 6


Bounding curves in algebraic surfaces by genus and Chern numbers

Steven Shin-Yi Lu and Yoichi Miyaoka

pp. 663-676

Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz and dilogarithm identities I.

Edward Frenkel and András Szenes

pp. 677-693

Hopf-type rigidity for Newton equations

Misha Bialy and Leonid Polterovich

pp. 695-700

Nonvanishing of the differential of holomorphic mappings at boundary points

M. S. Baouendi, Xiaojun Huang, and Linda Preiss Rothschild

pp. 737-750

Koszul duality and Galois cohomology

Leonid Positselski and Alexander Vishik

pp. 771-781

Classical versus free domains of attraction

H. Bercovici and V. Pata

pp. 791-795

General wall crossing formula

T. J. Li and A. Liu

pp. 797-810

Mixed motives and algebraic cycles, I

Masaki Hanamura

pp. 811-821

$B$-structures on $G$-bundles and local triviality

V. G. Drinfeld and Carlos Simpson

pp. 823-829