Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 3 (1996)

Number 1


Zeta Functional Determinants on manifolds with boundary

Sun-Yung A. Chang and Jie Qing

pp. 1-17

Characteristic classes and multidimensional reciprocity laws

J.-L. Brylinski and D. A. McLaughlin

pp. 19-30

On the Existence of High Multiplicity Interfaces

Lia Bronsard and Barbara Stoth

pp. 41-50

A note on the Kakeya maximal operator

Jose A. Barrionuevo

pp. 61-65

A Converse Theorem for $GL_4$

J. W. Cogdell and I. I. Piatetski-Shapiro

pp. 67-76

Dispersive smoothing for Schrödinger equations

Lev Kapitanski and Yuri Safarov

pp. 77-91

Higher Spectral Flow

Xianzhe Dai and Weiping Zhang

pp. 93-102

Reinhardt domains with non-compact automorphism groups

Siqi Fu, A. V. Isaev, and Steven G. Krantz

pp. 109-122

A Note on the Total Curvature of a Kähler Manifold

Wan-Xiong Shi and S.-T. Yau

pp. 123-132