Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 7 (2000)

Number 3

Arrangements and local systems

Pages: 299 – 316



Daniel C. Cohen (Louisiana State University)

Peter Orlik (University of Wisconsin)


We use stratified Morse theory to construct a complex to compute the cohomology of the complement of a hyperplane arrangement with coefficients in a complex rank one local system. The linearization of this complex is shown to be the Aomoto complex of the arrangement. Using this result, we establish the relationship between the cohomology support loci of the complement and the resonance varieties of the Orlik-Solomon algebra for any arrangement, and show that the latter are unions of subspace arrangements in general, resolving a conjecture of Falk. We also obtain lower bounds for the local system Betti numbers in terms of those of the Orlik-Solomon algebra, recovering a result of Libgober and Yuzvinsky. For certain local systems, our results provide new combinatorial upper bounds on the local system Betti numbers. These upper bounds enable us to prove that in non-resonant systems the cohomology is concentrated in the top dimension, without using resolution of singularities.

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