Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 8 (2001)

Number 4


The Dimension of the Planar Brownian Frontier is 4/3

Gregory F. Lawler, Oded Schramm, and Wendelin Werner

pp. 401-411

Intersecting Legendrians and blow-ups

Andrew Hassell and András Vasy

pp. 413-428

The Bloch-Kato conjecture for adjoint motives of modular forms

Fred Diamond, Matthias Flach, and Li Guo

pp. 437-442

Gauge Interpretation of Characteristic Classes

M. Castrillón López and J. Muñoz Masqué

pp. 457-468

Infinite towers of tree lattices

Lisa Carbone and Gabriel Rosenberg

pp. 469-477

Non-pac fields whose Henselian closures are seperably closed

Wulf-Dieter Geyer and Moshe Jarden

pp. 509-519

Unique Representations of Real Numbers in Non-Integer Bases

Paul Glendinning and Nikita Sidorov

pp. 535-543

On Galois Representations via Siegel Modular Forms of Genus Two

Michael Dettweiler, Ulf Kühn, and Stefan Reiter

pp. 577-588