Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 8 (2001)

Number 6


On a conjecture of Kashiwara

Vladimir Drinfeld

pp. 713-728

Critical exponents for two-dimensional percolation

Stanislav Smirnov and Wendelin Werner

pp. 729-744

Component Groups of Purely Toric Quotients

Brian Conrad and William A. Stein

pp. 745-766

Finiteness of disjoint minimal graphs

Peter Li and Jiaping Wang

pp. 771-777

On the Real Moment Map

Alina Marian

pp. 779-788

Oscillatory integrals related to Carleson’s theorem

Elias M. Stein and Stephen Wainger

pp. 789-800

The map $V\longrightarrow V/\!/G$ need not be separable

Ben Martin and Amnon Neeman

pp. 813-817