Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 17 (2010)

Number 6


Exact Lefschetz fibrations associated with dimer models

Masahiro Futaki and Kazushi Ueda

pp. 1029-1040

Sums of hermitian squares on pseudoconvex boundaries

Mihai Putinar and Claus Scheiderer

pp. 1047-1053

Milnor fillable contact structures are universally tight

Yanki Lekili and Burak Ozbagci

pp. 1055-1063

A visible factor of the Heegner index

Amod Agashe

pp. 1065-1077

On the canonical line bundle and negative holomorphic sectional curvature

Gordon Heier, Steven S. Y. Lu, and Bun Wong

pp. 1101-1110

Lipschitz extensions into Jet space Carnot groups

Stefan Wenger and Robert Young

pp. 1137-1149

On a Conjecture of Andrews

Marie Jameson and Robert J. Lemke Oliver

pp. 1151-1154

On the derived DG functors

Vadim Vologodsky

pp. 1155-1170

Degree bounds for separating invariants

Martin Kohls and Hanspeter Kraft

pp. 1171-1182

Pseudo-Riemannian geometry calibrates optimal transportation

Young-Heon Kim, Robert J. McCann, and Micah Warren

pp. 1183-1197