Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 18 (2011)

Number 4


Sharp Geometric Maximum Principles for Semi-Elliptic Operators with Singular Drift

Ryan Alvarado, Dan Brigham, Vladimir Maz'ya, Marius Mitrea, and Elia Ziadé

pp. 613-620

On an Application of Guth–Katz Theorem

Alex Iosevich, Oliver Roche-Newton, and Misha Rudnev

pp. 691-697

Ideles in Higher Dimension

Moritz Kerz

pp. 699-713

Sequences of LCT-Polytopes

Anatoly Libgober and Mircea Mustaţă

pp. 733-746

Oeljeklaus–Toma Manifolds Admitting No Complex Subvarieties

Liviu Ornea and Misha Verbitsky

pp. 747-754

Extensions of the Stein–Tomas Theorem

Jong-Guk Bak and Andreas Seeger

pp. 767-781

A Remark on Zak’s Theorem on Tangencies

José Carlos Sierra

pp. 783-789