Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 25 (2018)

Number 5


Bilinear spherical maximal function

J. A. Barrionuevo, Loukas Grafakos, Danqing He, Petr Honzík, and Lucas Oliveira

pp. 1369-1388

Symmetries and regularity for holomorphic maps between balls

John P. D’Angelo and Ming Xiao

pp. 1389-1404

Tangent cones of Hermitian Yang–Mills connections with isolated singularities

Adam Jacob, Henrique Sá Earp, and Thomas Walpuski

pp. 1429-1445

A representation theoretic characterization of simple closed curves on a surface

Thomas Koberda and Ramanujan Santharoubane

pp. 1485-1496

Trisections and spun four-manifolds

Jeffrey Meier

pp. 1497-1524

Galois descent for the gonality of curves

Joaquim Roé and Xavier Xarles

pp. 1567-1589

Definable maximal discrete sets in forcing extensions

David Schrittesser and Asger Törnquist

pp. 1591-1612

Deforming group actions on Koszul algebras

Anne V. Shepler and Sarah Witherspoon

pp. 1613-1644