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Piotr T. Chruściel (University of Vienna)

Zhengwei Liu (Harvard University)

Eduard Looijenga (Tsinghua University)

Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern University)

Xiaokui Yang (Tsinghua University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--A class of curvature type equation

Pengfei Guan

Xiangwen Zhang

2019 Aug 22
--A density theorem for asymptotically hyperbolic initial data

Mattias Dahl

Anna Sakovich

2021 Apr 18
--A diffeomorphism-invariant metric on the space of vector-valued one-forms

Martin Bauer

Eric P. Klassen

Stephen Preston

Zhe Su

2020 Aug 28
--A method in deformation theory

Frans Oort

2019 Jun 12
--Abstract Noncommutative Fourier Series on $Gammabackslash SE(2)$

Gregory Chirikjian

Arash Ghaani Farashahi

2020 Nov 16
--Admissible restrictions of irreducible representations of reductive Lie groups: symplectic geometry and discretely decomposability

Toshiyuki Kobayashi

2020 May 13
--Analytic and rational sections of relative semi-abelian varieties

Pietro Corvaja

Junjiro Noguchi

Umberto Zannier

2020 Jul 30
--Angle deformation of Ka ̈hler–Einstein edge metrics on Hirzebruch surfaces

Yanir A. Rubinstein

Kewei Zhang

2020 Nov 24
--Anomaly flow and T-duality

Teng Fei

Sebastien Picard

2019 Jul 25
--Areas of totally geodesic surfaces of hyperbolic 3-orbifolds

Benjamin Linowitz

David McReynolds

Nicholas Miller

2021 Feb 2
--Associated varieties for real reductive groups

Jeffrey Adams

David A. Vogan

2021 Mar 22
--Bergman bundles and applications to the geometry of compact complex manifolds

Jean-Pierre Demailly

2021 Apr 11
--Bergman kernels for Paley-Wiener spaces and Nazarov's proof of the Bourgain-Milman theorem.

Bo Berndtsson

2020 Dec 13
--Branching laws for discrete series of some affine symmetric spaces

Bent Ørsted

Birgit E. Speh

2019 Oct 14
--Brauer groups of involution surface bundles

Andrew Kresch

Yuri Tschinkel

2019 Jun 14
--Cartan–Iwahori–Matsumoto decompositions for reductive groups

Jarod Alper

Daniel Halpern-Leistner

Jochen Heinloth

2019 Aug 7
--Central limit theorem for toric Kähler manifolds

Steve Zelditch

Peng Zhou

2019 Jul 10
--CMC foliations of open spacetimes asymptotic to open Robertson–Walker spacetimes

Claus Gerhardt

2020 Aug 25
--Compactness of Kähler–Ricci solitons on Fano manifolds

Bin Guo

Duong H. Phong

Jian Song

Jacob Sturm

2020 Aug 23
--Complex structures on jet spaces and bosonic Fock space dynamics for causal variational principles

Felix Finster

Niky Kamran

2020 Jun 10
--Concave elliptic equations and generalized Khovanskii–Teissier inequalities

Tristan C. Collins

2019 Jul 23
--Continuity of the Yang–Mills flow on the set of semistable bundles

Benjamin Sibley

Richard Wentworth

2019 Nov 15
--Entropy of Bergman measures of a toric Kaehler manifold

Pierre Flurin

Steve Zelditch

2020 Aug 6
--Entropy rigidity for foliations by strictly convex projective manifolds

Alessio Savini

2021 Jan 12
--Evolution and monotonicity of a geometric constant under the Ricci flow

Shouwen Fang

Junwei Yu

Peng Zhu

2020 Sep 29
--From algebraic geometry to machine learning

Michael Douglas

2019 Aug 20
--From conjugacy classes in the Weyl group to semisimple conjugacy classes

Jeffrey Adams

Xuhua He

Sian Nie

2020 Mar 26
--Graded tilting for gauged Landau-Ginzburg models and geometric applications

Christian Okonek

Andrei Teleman

2020 Jun 20
--Gulbrandsen-Halle-Hulek degeneration and Hilbert-Chow morphism

Yasunari Nagai

2020 Oct 30
--Harmonic analysis on GLn over finite fields

Shamgar Gurevich

Roger Howe

2020 Aug 12
--Hilbert manifold structure for AH initial data]{Hilbert manifold structure for weakly asymptotically hyperbolic relativistic initial data

Erwann Delay

Jeremie Fougeirol

2020 Dec 17
--Hopf–Hecke algebras, infinitesimal Cherednik algebras and Dirac cohomology

Johannes Flake

Siddhartha Sahi

2020 Sep 13
--Hyperbolicity and quasi-hyperbolicity in polynomial diffeomorphisms of C^2

Eric Bedford

Lorenzo Guerini

John Smillie

2020 Nov 16
--Irregular Eguchi-Hanson type metrics and their soliton analogues

Akito Futaki

2021 Jan 31
--Kohn-Rossi Cohomology and Complex Plateau Problem

Xiankui Meng

Stephen S. T. Yau

2020 Dec 29
--Lines, conics, and all that

Ciro Ciliberto

Mikhail Zaidenberg

2020 Mar 23
--Localizations for Quiver Hecke algebras

Masaki Kashiwara

Myungho Kim

Se-jin Oh

Euiyong Park

2020 Dec 25
--Morse-type integrals on non-Kahler manifolds

Sławomir Kołodziej

Valentino Tosatti

2019 Jun 23
--Mumford’s influence on the moduli theory of algebraic varieties

János Kollár

2018 Nov 8
--On Calabi–Yau fractional complete intersections

Tsung-Ju Lee

Bong H. Lian

Shing-Tung Yau

2020 Sep 29
--On Shimura varieties for unitary groups

M. Rapoport

B. Smithling

W. Zhang

2020 Apr 16
--On The Euler Characteristics of Certain Moduli Spaces of 1-dimensional Closed Subschemes

Mazen Alhwaimel

2020 Sep 29
--On the Kähler-Ricci flow on Fano manifolds

Bin Guo

Duong H. Phong

Jacob Sturm

2021 Apr 15
--On the Levi problem on Kaehler manifolds under the negativity of canonical bundles on the boundary

Takeo Ohsawa

2021 Mar 11
--On the sum of Ricci curvatures for weighted graphs

Shuliang Bai

An Huang

Linyuan Lu

Shing-Tung Yau

2020 Jun 19
--Pluripotential versus viscosity solutions to complex Monge–Ampère flows

Vincent Guedj

Chinh H. Lu

Ahmed Zeriahi

2019 Sep 15
--Positive projectively flat manifolds are locally conformally flat Kähler–Hopf manifolds

Simone Calamai

2019 Jun 24
--Positivity of Weil–Petersson currents on canonical models

Bin Guo

Jian Song

2020 Jan 7
--Products of random matrices: a dynamical point of view

Tien-Cuong Dinh

Lucas Kaufmann

Hao Wu

2020 Jan 8
--Rational representation of real functions

Wojciech Kucharz

Krzysztof Kurdyka

2020 Jul 21
--Relations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of curves

Rahul Pandharipande

Aaron Pixton

2020 Jan 12
--Stability and applications

Emanuele Macrì

Benjamin Schmidt

2020 Feb 22
--The complex Monge–Ampère equation with a gradient term

Valentino Tosatti

Ben Weinkove

2019 Jun 23
--The geometry of generalized Lam'{e} equation, III: One-to-one of the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence

Zhijie Chen

Ting-Jung Kuo

Chang-Shou Lin

2021 Feb 2
--The road to GGP

Benedict H. Gross

2021 Jan 19
--The round handle problem

Min Hoon Kim

Mark Powell

Peter Teichner

2020 Jul 6
--The sharp Gevrey Kotake-Narasimhan theorem with an elementary proof

David S. Tartakoff

2021 Mar 9
--The Tanaka-Thomas's Vafa-Witten invariants via surface Deligne-Mumford stacks

Yunfeng Jiang

Promit Kundu

2020 Dec 29
--Twisted Kähler–Einstein metrics

Julius Ross

Gábor Székelyhidi

2019 Sep 6
--Unitary representations, L2 Dolbeault cohomology, and weakly symmetric pseudo-Riemannian nilmanifolds

Joseph A. Wolf

2019 Oct 24
--Vanishing Theorem of Kohn--Rossi Cohomology Class and Rigidity of Sasakian Space Form

Der-Chen Chang

Shu-Cheng Chang

Ting-Jung Kuo

Chien Lin

2021 Jan 19
--Weak Geodesics for the deformed Hermitian–Yang–Mills equation

Adam Jacob

2019 Jun 15