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Piotr T. Chruściel (University of Vienna)

Zhengwei Liu (Tsinghua University)

Eduard Looijenga (Tsinghua University)

Ye Tian (Institute of Mathematics, C.A.S.)

Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern University)

Xiaokui Yang (Tsinghua University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Deformation theory and mathematical models in science

Olav Arnfinn Laudal

2019 Feb 27
--Roots of Bernstein–Sato polynomials of certain homogeneous polynomials with two-dimensional singular loci

Morihiko Saito

2019 Mar 1
--Critical points of master functions and MKDV hierarchy of type $c(1)n$

Alexander Varchenko

Tyler Woodruff

2019 Apr 8
--Hyperelliptic integrals modulo $p$ and Cartier–Manin matrices

Alexander Varchenko

2019 Apr 9
--On exchange spectra of valued quivers and cluster algebras

Fang Li

Siyang Liu

2019 Apr 9
--Hopf–Hecke algebras, infinitesimal Cherednik algebras and Dirac cohomology

Johannes Flake

Siddhartha Sahi

2019 Apr 24
--Weak Geodesics for the deformed Hermitian–Yang–Mills equation

Adam Jacob

2019 Jun 15
--Morse-type integrals on non-Kahler manifolds

Sławomir Kołodziej

Valentino Tosatti

2019 Jun 23
--The complex Monge–Ampère equation with a gradient term

Valentino Tosatti

Ben Weinkove

2019 Jun 23
--Positive projectively flat manifolds are locally conformally flat Kähler–Hopf manifolds

Simone Calamai

2019 Jun 24
--Line integration on Ricci curvature and its applications in a Finsler manifold

Chunhui Qiu

Jinling Li

2019 Jun 26
--Invariants of the Weyl group of type $A(2) 2l$

Kenji Iohara

Yosihisa Saito

2019 Jun 27
--On refined count of rational tropical curves

Eugenii Shustin

2019 Jul 2
--Central limit theorem for toric Kähler manifolds

Steve Zelditch

Peng Zhou

2019 Jul 10
--Concave elliptic equations and generalized Khovanskii–Teissier inequalities

Tristan C. Collins

2019 Jul 23
--Anomaly flow and T-duality

Teng Fei

Sebastien Picard

2019 Jul 25
--On the area formulas of inscribed polygons in classical geometry

Yohei Komori

Runa Umezawa

Takuro Yasui

2019 Aug 13
--A class of curvature type equation

Pengfei Guan

Xiangwen Zhang

2019 Aug 22
--Categorification of Legendrian knots

Tatsuki Kuwagaki

2019 Aug 23
--Immaculate line bundles on toric varieties

Klaus Altmann

Jarosław Buczyński

Lars Kastner

Anna-Lena Winz

2019 Sep 2
--Twisted Kähler–Einstein metrics

Julius Ross

Gábor Székelyhidi

2019 Sep 6
--A view on elliptic integrals from primitive forms

Kyoji Saito

2019 Sep 10
--Modular forms from the Weierstrass functions

Hiroki Aoki

Kyoji Saito

2019 Sep 10
--The isoperimetric problem in Riemannian optical geometry

Henri P. Roesch

Marcus C. Werner

2019 Sep 12
--Pluripotential versus viscosity solutions to complex Monge–Ampère flows

Vincent Guedj

Chinh H. Lu

Ahmed Zeriahi

2019 Sep 15
--Quantization of continuum Kac–Moody algebras

Andrea Appel

Francesco Sala

2019 Oct 8
--On the almost generic covers of the projective plane

Vik. S. Kulikov

2019 Oct 10
--On the image of the Abel–Jacobi map

Sen Yang

2019 Oct 14
--Hilbert schemes of points and quasi-modularity

Zhenbo Qin

Zhongyan Shen

2019 Oct 14
--Branching laws for discrete series of some affine symmetric spaces

Bent Ørsted

Birgit E. Speh

2019 Oct 14
--Connectedness of Milnor fibres and Stein factorization of compactifiable holomorphic functions

Helmut A. Hamm

2019 Oct 18
--Cohomology jump loci of quasi-compact Kähler manifolds

Nero Budur

Botong Wang

2019 Oct 23
--A note on finite determinacy of matrices

Thuy Huong Pham

Pedro Macias Marques

2019 Oct 24
--Unitary representations, L2 Dolbeault cohomology, and weakly symmetric pseudo-Riemannian nilmanifolds

Joseph A. Wolf

2019 Oct 24
--Vanishing viscosity limit to the 3d burgers equation in Gevrey class

Abdelkerim Chaabani

Ridha Selmi

2019 Oct 24
--On the orbifold Euler characteristics of dual invertible polynomials with non-abelian symmetry groups

Wolfgang Ebeling Sabir

M. Gusein-Zade

2019 Nov 8
--On the topology of elliptic singularities

János Nagy

András Némethi

2019 Nov 12
--Continuity of the Yang–Mills flow on the set of semistable bundles

Benjamin Sibley

Richard Wentworth

2019 Nov 15
--Berkovich log discrepancies in positive characteristic

Eric Canton

2019 Nov 20
--Maximum and minimum of convex integrands

Huhe Han

2019 Nov 26
--Trace ideals, normalization chains, and endomorphism rings

Eleonore Faber

2019 Nov 26
--Parametrization simple irreducible curve singularities in arbitrary characteristic

Ngyuen Hong Duc

2019 Dec 11
--Meromorphic connections in filtered $a_{\infty}$ categories

Hiroshi Ohta

Fumihiko Sanda

2019 Dec 20
--Generalization of the Weierstrass $\mathscr{P}$ function and Maass lifts of weak Jacobi forms

Hiroki Aoki

2020 Jan 3
--Positivity of Weil–Petersson currents on canonical models

Bin Guo

Jian Song

2020 Jan 7
--Products of random matrices: a dynamical point of view

Tien-Cuong Dinh

Lucas Kaufmann

Hao Wu

2020 Jan 8
--Regularity of fully non-linear elliptic equations on Kähler cones

Rirong Yuan

2020 Jan 23
--The perverse filtration for the Hitchin fibration is locally constant

Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo

Davesh Maulik

2020 Jan 30
--Frobenius’ theta function and Arakelov invariants in genus three

Robin de Jong

2020 Jan 30
--Symplectic coordinates on $\operatorname{PSL}_3(\mathbb{R})$-Hitchin components

Suhyoung Choi

Hongtaek Jung

Hong Chan Kim

2020 Mar 15