Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

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Piotr T. Chruściel (University of Vienna)

Zhengwei Liu (Tsinghua University)

Eduard Looijenga (Tsinghua University)

Ye Tian (Institute of Mathematics, C.A.S.)

Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern University)

Xiaokui Yang (Tsinghua University)

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NameAffiliationContactWeb pageExpertise
Piotr T. ChruścielUniversity of ViennaLinkgeneral relativity; differential geometry in physics; hyperbolic and elliptic PDEs in geometric analysis
Zhengwei LiuTsinghua UniversityLinkoperator algebras; quantum information; mathematical physics
Eduard LooijengaTsinghua UniversityLinkalgebraic geometry
Ye TianInstitute of Mathematics, C.A.S.Linkalgebraic number theory; arithmetic geometry
Valentino TosattiNorthwestern UniversityLinkcomplex geometry; partial differential equations; geometric analysis
Xiaokui YangTsinghua UniversityLinkcomplex geometry; geometric analysis; algebraic geometry

Managing Editor

NameAffiliationContactWeb pageExpertise
Yitwah CheungTsinghua UniversityLinkergodic theory; diophantine approximation; Teichmüller dynamics


NameAffiliationContactWeb pageExpertise
Chong-Qing ChengNanjing UniversityLinkHamiltonian dynamical systems; Arnold diffusion; KAM Solutions and weak KAM solutions
Tristan CollinsMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyLinkgeometry and analysis; particular geometric flows; applications of algebraic geometry to analysis, and vice-versa
Baohua FuInstitute of Mathematics, C.A.S.Linkalgebraic geometry
David GabaiPrinceton UniversityLinksymplectic and Hamiltonian geometry; geometric quantization; quantum field theory
Lizhen JiUniversity of MichiganLinkLie groups theory; homogeneous spaces
Spiro KarigiannisUniversity of WaterlooLinkdifferential geometry; geometric analysis
Kai-Wen LanUniversity of MinnesotaLinkarithmetic geometry
Siu-Cheong LauBoston UniversityLinkcomplex algebraic geometry and symplectic geometry
Kefeng LiuUniversity of California at Los AngelesLinkdifferential geometry; topology; mathematical physics
Yifeng LiuYale UniversityLinknumber theory; automorphic forms; algebraic geometry
Feng LuoRutgers UniversityLinklow-dimensional topology and geometry
Nikolay MoshchevitinMoscow Lomonosov State UniversityLinkDiophantine approximation; geometry of numbers; dynamical systems; uniform distribution
Duong PhongColumbia UniversityLinkpartial differential equations; complex geometry; mathematical physics
Chin-Lung WangNational Taiwan UniversityLinkalgebraic geometry; differential geometry; hodge theory
Xu-Jia WangAustralian National UniversityLinkelliptic and parabolic equations
Ben WeinkoveNorthwestern UniversityLinkelliptic and parabolic partial differential equations; complex geometry
Barak WeissTel Aviv UniversityLinkDynamical systems; homogeneous flows; translation surfaces; Diophantine approximation
Jonathan WeitsmanNortheastern UniversityLinksymplectic and Hamiltonian geometry; geometric quantization; quantum field theory
Sijue WuUniversity of MichiganLinkpartial differential equations; mathematical analysis of incompressible fluids
Stephen S.-T. YauTsinghua UniversityLinksingularities; complex algebraic geometry; CR geometry; control and nonlinear filtering; coding theory; bioinformatics
Steven Morris ZelditchNorthwestern UniversityLinkmicrolocal analysis of spectral and scattering problems on Riemannian manifolds and in Kähler geometry; statistical real and complex geometry
Shou-Wu ZhangPrinceton UniversityLinknumber theory; algebraic geometry