Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 2 (2006)

Number 3



William Fulton, Mark Goresky, and Lizhen Ji

Convexity Theorems for Varieties Invariant under a Borel Subgroup

Victor Guillemin and Reyer Sjamaar

pp. 637-653

Stratified Morse Theory in Arrangements

Daniel C. Cohen and Peter Orlik

pp. 673-697

Equivariant Giambelli and Determinantal Restriction Formulas for the Grassmannian

V. Lakshmibai, K. N. Raghavan, and P. Sankaran

pp. 699-717

Morse Theory and Tilting Sheaves

David Nadler

pp. 719-744

Geometric Theory of Lattice Vibrations and Specific Heat

Mikhail Shubin and Toshikazu Sunada

pp. 745-777

Hessenberg Varieties are not Pure Dimensional

Julianna S. Tymoczko

pp. 779-794

Intersection Numbers in Quasi-Hamiltonian Reduced Spaces

Lisa Jeffrey and Joon-Hyeok Song

pp. 837-865

Combinatorial Secant Varieties

Bernd Sturmfels and Seth Sullivant

pp. 867-891

Hypersurface Singularities and Milnor Equisingularity

David B. Massey and Le Dung Trang

pp. 893-914