Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 6 (2010)

Number 4


Regularity for The CR Vector Bundle Problem I

Xianghong Gong and S. M. Webster

pp. 983-998

A Form of Alexandrov-Fenchel Inequality

Pengfei Guan, Xi-Nan Ma, Neil Trudinger, and Xiaohua Zhu

pp. 999-1012

Extremal Positive Pluriharmonic Functions on Euclidean Balls

Farhad Jafari and Mihai Putinar

pp. 1013-1026

Formal Meromorphic Functions on Manifolds of Finite Type

Robert Juhlin, Bernhard Lamel, and Francine Meylan

pp. 1027-1034

Analytic Continuation in Mapping Spaces

Laszlo Lempert

pp. 1051-1080