Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 7 (2011)

Number 1



Mario Bonk

Quasiconformal Maps and Substantial Boundary Points

J. M. Anderson and A. Hinkkanen

pp. 1-18

Hp-theory for Quasiconformal Mappings

Kari Astala and Pekka Koskela

pp. 19-50

Moment Inequalities for Equilibrium Measures in the Plane

A. Baernstein, R. S. Laugesen, and I. E. Pritsker

pp. 51-86

On Brownian Flights

Athanasios Batakis, Pierre Levitz, and Michel Zinsmeister

pp. 87-105

Injectivity Criteria for Holomorphic Curves in Cn

M. Chuaqui, P. Duren, and B. Osgood

pp. 223-251