Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 7 (2011)

Number 2


Inequalities for The Caratheodory and Poincare Metrics in Open Unit Balls

Clifford J. Earle and Lawrence A. Harris

pp. 253-273

Modeling Oscillatory Components with The Homogeneous Spaces BM and W-α,p*

John B. Garnett, Peter W. Jones, Triet M. Le, and Luminita A. Vese

pp. 275-318

An Invitation to n-Harmonic Hyperelasticity

Tadeusz Iwaniec and Jani Onninen

pp. 319-343

New Results for p Harmonic Functions

John L. Lewis and Kaj Nystrom

pp. 345-363

The (6,p)-arithmetic Hyperbolic Lattices in Dimension 3.

C. Maclachlan and G. J. Martin

pp. 365-382

The View from Above

Albert Marden

pp. 383-394

Quasihyperbolic Geodesics in Convex Domains II

Olli Martio and Jussi Vaisala

pp. 395-409

Mappings and Spaces, 2

Stephen W. Semmes

pp. 425-453

Teichmuller Mappings, Quasiconformal Homogeneity, and Non-amenable Covers of Riemann Surfaces

Petra Bonfert-Taylor, Gaven Martin, Alan W. Reid, and Edward C. Taylor

pp. 455-468