Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 7 (2011)

Number 3



Lizhen Ji, Gopal Prasad, and Richard Weiss

Can An Anisotropic Reductive Group Admit A Tits System?

Pierre-Emmanuel Caprace and Timothee Marquis

pp. 539-558

EE8-Lattices and Dihedral Groups

Robert L. Griess and Ching Hung Lam

pp. 621-744

Thin Severi-Brauer Varieties

Max-Albert Knus and Jean-Pierre Tignol

pp. 745-782

Strongly p-embedded Subgroups

Chris Parker and Gernot Stroth

pp. 797-858

Masures Affines

Guy Rousseau

pp. 859-922

Remarks on Parabolic Character Sheaves

T. A. Springer

pp. 969-994