Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 8 (2012)

Number 1



James F. Davis, Lizhen Ji, Daniel Juan-Pineda, Jean-Francois Lafont, and Stratos Prassidis

Replacement of Fixed Sets for Compact Group Actions: The 2ρ Theorem

Sylvain Cappell, Shmuel Weinberger, and Min Yan

pp. 53-78

Remarks Concerning Lubotzky's Filtration

F. R. Cohen, Marston Conder, J. Lopez, and Stratos Prassidis

pp. 79-106

Factoring the Becker-Gottlieb Transfer Through the Trace Map

Wojciech Dorabiala and Mark W. Johnson

pp. 133-174

Assembly Maps for Group Extensions in K-Theory and L-Theory With Twisted Coeffcients

Ian Hambleton, Erik K. Pedersen, and David Rosenthal

pp. 175-198

Induction and Computation of Bass Nil Groups for Finite Groups

Ian Hambleton and Wolfgang Luck

pp. 199-220